Over the years I have compiled a variety of manuscripts in various forms and voice all with the purpose of personal reflection. Girl Punch, Inflections, Etiquette, 4172 Words and Velveteen all represent different feels ranging from repression to infatuation, angst to rumination and acrimony to desolation.

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The Recurring Man

His glittering eyes give him the advantage – even over the intellectuals.His beard is theoretical. He’s so smart, she says, all dreamy-eyed.Hypothetically, I tell her.She ignores me.I want a man with strong arms who reads Foucault.I knew him when his arms were stronger and he read Leviticus.She ignores me. His hands are everywhere when he

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Scene 1

You blow infrom another place and time,a painted city with fickle headlines,stockings rolled down,brawls and bloody hands. A delicate smile is tweakingat the corner of your lips. Immaculate snowflakes twinkle and fall –an excuse to share the heat.

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One Woman

Telepathic wires flicker; the sciatic nerves of a fantastic two-headed monster.He shrinks before us, they all do.Shake for us.He’s all teeth and no lips. Fingers encircle us like a ring, quivering back and forth like electric disciplinarians. He attempts to name us, they all do. Shame on us. He’s now fingerless. Our premonition descends upon

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Give Him a Stone, or Something

That man gave me bread, dinner rolls like stones from a patriarch, alumina crust shredding my teeth as I fed upon preservatives. He asked that I crush myself in return for his fuel, welling like pools of sand in my lungs, gritty and heavy, it is the texture of my soul after he kneaded it

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104. Every Beautiful Thing is Dismantled

Can a sardine and an elephantsit on a couch,spread a little gill,stroke a little tusk,drink brews and make moves? Am I really intolerant or are youa fabulous liar? Every beautiful thing is dismantled,left to the scrutiny ofan incredulous mind. We are dangerous skeptics ofanything good in this world. In an imperfect world,can a sardine really

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Lead Smile

Her smile is drafted with a clever hand; the lead is freshly pressed. She doesn’t like anyone touching her lips because she has a thing for crisp edges and smudges drive her crazy. She pouts when nobody is looking. God, this feels good, she says. Sometimes her mouth needs a break from all the heavy

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