Weezy & Woozle

The Weezy & Woozle Collective is a series of children’s stories about Neil’s two rescue pups. Kindle, aka Weezy, joins the narrative posthumously, forever treasured in the hearts of those who proved worthy of affection. Derby, aka Woozle, is currently living the best life, loving everyone, eating everything and losing no sleep about it. Weezy and Woozle’s dynamic personalities help young children understand concepts like balance, friendship and safe eating habits for puppers.

Book 1: Somewhere In Between

Weezy and Woozle are friends who are not the same. They share their likes and dislikes to show that we can all learn from each other.

Book 2: Rumble Grumble Bumble (Coming Soon)

Woozle is always hungry and willing to eat anything and everything. Weezy helps teach Woozle what is appropriate for a pupper to eat and what a pupper should avoid.

The Real Weezy & Woozle

Kindle | Weezy

Known as Kindlebird Feathertoes
Selective with friends
 Enjoys long swims at the beach
Picky eater
Embraces the circle of life
Kisses with tongue
Has so much love to give

Derby | Woozle

Known as Derbalicious
Loves everyone
Enjoys a wild forest romp
Eats trash
Runs circles around life
Kisses with nose
Has so much love to give