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Spoiled Fruit

Once upon a time, not that long ago actually – just long enough that forgetfulness starts to set in – there was juicy peach. The peach was luscious with a soft blend of blood and gold. Everyone thought the peach was the cream of the crop for it was smart, beautiful, confident and followed the

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Scene 1

You blow infrom another place and time,a painted city with fickle headlines,stockings rolled down,brawls and bloody hands. A delicate smile is tweakingat the corner of your lips. Immaculate snowflakes twinkle and fall –an excuse to share the heat.

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See Dick’s Bird

Sometimes, when we are hunting lovers, we catch a glimpse of that fluffy white tail and chase it down with tunnel vision and a slavering maw. We are so focused that we miss all the other quizzical prey standing around waiting to fill our mouths. Sometimes we think we have felled the most beautiful and

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Creative Writing

Drawing heavily upon social experience, I have created a variety of short stories, mostly non-fictional and infrequently fantastical. The bulk of my work consists mainly of Fun with Dick, yet it is my intention to season it with other savory narratives.


Over the years I have compiled a variety of manuscripts in various forms and voice all with the purpose of personal reflection. Girl Punch, Inflections, Etiquette, 4172 Words and Wanting all represent different feels ranging from repression to infatuation, angst to rumination and acrimony to desolation.