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Lobotomy Push it out, nothing peaceful, what’s meaningful anymore when you roam, painstakingly snatch every last one milk every last drop, unintentionally crash every last dummy and you say I’m sorry mommy ‘til the cows come home. On a lonely night, only not over the countertop like she wants it, like debutantes swoon, legs over

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583. Leo and Koi

583. Leo and Koi Razor blue eyes.Transatlantic lexicon.Transparent menagerie.Quick tongues and grand secret tales. Koi raised his handto the sky,letting the breeze curl through his fingers.His questions were sincere.Leo began to brush awaythe layers of dust on his theology. The silver-tongued fossilwas shapely,smooth to his fingers,but the bones were teeth;under the thirsty sun their gleamwas

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Boy Delilah

Boy Delilah They want evidence,cold hard fact.They want his picture taken to provethat he is more than decadence,more than a superficialartifact,crafted by human celebration,a soft mancreated to be theirgenteel bow-tie metropolis manwearing teal, not green,a crossing-his-legs-out-on-the-scene manwith soft handswearing pointed toes, not steel.He is only in their minds,something they find appropriateto construct,somebody they think would

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Creative Writing

Drawing heavily upon social experience, I have created a variety of short stories, mostly non-fictional and infrequently fantastical. The bulk of my work consists mainly of Fun with Dick, yet it is my intention to season it with other savory narratives.


Over the years I have compiled a variety of manuscripts in various forms and voice all with the purpose of personal reflection. Girl Punch, Inflections, Etiquette, 4172 Words and Velveteen all represent different feels ranging from repression to infatuation, angst to rumination and acrimony to desolation.